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Address: Building no-5, Israni Mansion, Dr, Jamshedpur Road, Near to Kurla Post Office, Kurla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014.
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Address; Shop no 11, DD Flats, Near Neelkhanth, Govindpuri, New Delhi 110019



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Thank You For showing importance In  Trendy Travel, I would like this Opportunity  to introduce our association for various travel related query like you can use our services and website for book a  Car Rental Services, Bus ticket booking, Domestic and international holiday packages for yourself and your group. We will be helping you in making booking from beginning to end at our Travel Agency and Website.

Trendy  Travel  is a increasing travel agency based in India with a network of 1200 Travel Partners across India.  Currently we are Doing all car rental service, holiday packages by our office and website. progressively we are increasing our portfolio and would be soon enabling international air ticketing , international hotel,Lodge,In  bookings and Domestic  bus bookings. The operation are Good supported by a powerful operation team from Monday to Sunday (8 AM – 10 PM) which will be 24X7 in next one Week.At present we have above 1200 agents using our tool and Online Portel

In any case you can call directly on my contact number for any kind of inquiry or feedback.
Our main focus is to become a Best travel company in india, and our client is satisfied with our services

   Our ideals::

• We perform in the best happiness of people who use or need the services of Trendy Travel.
• We are responsible

Holiday packages – We Offer many holiday packages,festival packages,domestic packages, online on our website and  offline also  custom packages for customers which can be according to the customers requirements.

Car Rental Services – We provide a range of small cars, luxury cars and tempo traveller and Big Limousine bookings 
Group Tour Bookings – We provide group tour packages in india like Manali,Shimla,Manikaran sahib,Amritsar,Goa and many more cities in india for group bookings through our website. Get a group tour informations at our website.
For any information you can email us at info.trendytravel.com

                                                           Thanks & Regards

Trendy Travel In Delhi
#2, Second Floor, A-1 Building
Nehru Palace

Email: info.trendytravel .com

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Bentley car

 100 surprising YEARS: THE      BENTLEY STORY

                   A FLASH OF INSPIRATION      

In his near the beginning years of racing, W.O. Bentley imported French cars prepared by Doriot, Flandrin & Parent. On a visit to DFP’s office in France, he picked up an aluminum paperweight and wonder whether the lightweight material could be used to advance the pistons used in engines. It had previously been consider very weak and prone to melt, but W.O. realized that adding up a little copper to make a new alloy might solve the problem. And it started work.

He started by fit the pistons to his own opposition car, and Start winning races with easy. 
When the 1st  World War broke out, he joined the Royal Naval Air Service where he 
introduced aluminum pistons to make fighter aircraft engines Extra powerful and trustworthy
. Finally, when the war was ended, W.O. could use his device to revolutionize the planet of 
automobiles @ and Bentley Motors was started on  I0 July I9I9.

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      Racer Car Fever is the best straight racing game in 2017!
      grip the steering wheel, start the car, accelerate to the limit, avoid cars and trucks, driving on endless      roads.

      Run your car by your love
      You can choose the steering wheel, switch, or gravity sensor

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Trendy Travel

    We at WeTravel have read so many special thing and posts online that help the qualities of solo trip
and while we believe that any trip can lead to a grand journey  we also trust that group travel
just doesn’t get the love that it deserve Although group trips can have their own issues and hiccups,
just like solo trips
we at WeTravel believe that their profit really outweigh their costs
On top of this, group trips can be a bit cheaper due to a variety of group discounts and promotions
So not only can group trips be easier on your surround of mind, but they can also be great on your budgett!
When many people come to a decision to travel in a group, they’re a lot of accompany by friends or family
And while this can be tricky or satisfying, we at WeTravel trust that it can also be a big familiarity
We confidently believe that group travel allow you create mutual experiences with your friends and family,
which can lead to stronger contact and even surrounded by jokes! You’ll learn extra about the people in your life,
from their tastes to how they perform under pressure and your relationships with them!

If you have a limited quantity of days to journey, and you don’t want to waste your quality time at your destination, then aeroplane is your best option. If you’re flying nationally, probability are you can find a flight that will depart you to your destination early in the day, allowing you to begin your holiday as soon as you arrive. If you decide to drive, you could waste more times in the car before you even get to that place, hugely cutting down on the amount of time that you can spend there. And at the last part of your journey, when you’re ready to go back, a flight can get you there in a few hours, while facing a return journey by car can seem hurting.